When it comes to building your audience, sometimes slower is faster!

In a world of instant messaging, instant gratification and instant noodles, the idea of slowing

down your content stream seems like you’re swimming against the tide.

And why would you post less frequently? All the social juggernauts encourage more content creation,

more often, all of the time.

Take Tik Tok for example. The Tik Tok algorithm favours content under a minute long with the average video lasting a mere 24 seconds! Instagram has its own version of short form

messaging called ‘Reels’ which recommends content between 7 and 15 seconds.

For many, if you haven’t created a ‘hook’ within the first 3 seconds your

audience is gone, scrolling merrily down the screen and onto the next post.

Podcasts and the opportunity of slow

In this age of information overload, podcasting stands out!

Podcasts are unique as a pull strategy rather than a push strategy. Audiences opt in to consume the content so they are warm/hot leads.

Podcasting favours the long form. It lets content creators go in depth with their audience and

while maintaining high levels of engagement and brand awareness throughout. In fact a BBC study

revealed that brand mentions within a podcast deliver a 16% higher engagement rate than the

surrounding content — which is unique when comparing brand mentions in radio, which typically

score 5% lower than surrounding content.

Marketers that don’t have an audio strategy in place are missing out on an enormous

opportunity to establish an emotional connection with their audience. During a podcast, listeners

create subconscious associations with  brands based on the words they hear. So, when executed

correctly — producing a show that informs, educates and entertains — you can communicate your

message directly with an audience who will, in turn, instinctively associate your brand with

that message.

Don’t take our word for it. Spotify, Amazon and Apple all think so too! This year the 3 companies are spending record

amounts on podcasting with Spotify alone dropping $1 billion on original content.

So if you're thinking of new content creation opportunities, slowly slowly may just be the trick!

Slow Motion

Speaking of Slow, we just tested out our Slow Motion cameras in our photography and film

studio by letting off a large confetti cannon.

Check it out below:


The Joel Found Podcast

This Is A Studio recently had the pleasure of hosting and recording the

Joel Found Podcast - a travel podcast focused on the ultimate luxury getaway.

On their latest episode Joel was joined by special guest Chyka Keebaugh (socialite & founder of

The Big Group) where they discussed all things travel, Paris and the Hotel D’Aubusson.

You can listen to their latest episode here: