Studio Vs Home Podcast Recording

Most aspiring podcasters start off buying equipment, learning how to use it, and recording their first few episodes at home.  This process is followed by hours upon hours of tedious editing, whilst trying to navigate their way around audio recording software.  Most give up after episode 5 or significantly slow down their episode releases, when to be successful you need to speed up and build momentum. 

Recording in a dedicated podcast studio has the leg up on recording at home, especially when it comes to the audio and video quality.  Some of the advantages include:

Professional Equipment -  Podcast studios are equipped with professional recording equipment, taking you from amateur to expert in an instant! Using the best equipment will greatly enhance both the audio and visual quality of your video podcast – it’s a no brainer!

Improved Sound Quality - Studio equipment is designed to capture audio with greater clarity, reducing the need for additional hours of editing and post production work.

Expertise/Experience - Studio staff are usually experienced audio/video engineers. They can offer support or advice on microphone placement, recording techniques, lighting, camera focus and post-production work.  Learn from these guys, they will make the process much easier for you!

Acoustic Treatment - Podcast studios are typically equipped with acoustic treatment materials that  reduce ambient noise, reflections & echoes. This results in a clearer, more produced sound at the initial recording stage.

Consistent Environment - Recording in a dedicated studio means gaining control over your environment. Podcast studios can create consistent lighting, temperature and sound control, which eliminates the potential for distractions and background noise that will ruin your recording.

Less time spent editing! - If you’re already recording and editing at home, we expect you’re familiar with the hours of painful dedication that comes with editing.  All you want to do is get the episode released to your audience, but so much time is needed to polish the home recording. Time that you might not have. Recording in a studio environment can help dramatically reduce the editing time required and results in a more professional output.

While recording a podcast at home can be convenient and cost effective, a professional studio setting like “This Is A Studio” located in Prahran, Melbourne, offers significant advantages that will help you achieve a better final result. If you’re serious about leveling up the quality of your podcast, (or just sick of editing) reach out to us to see how we can assist in taking it to the next level. 

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