It starts with a seed

All great ideas start as a small and simple seed. Once planted, they ground down their roots and shoot up from the soil, blossoming into their fullest potential and beauty. But ideas left unwatered, without a supportive creative home, remain hidden in the dark.

At Pot Plant Productions we have the right tools, passion and technical experience to nurture your seed and bring your ideas to life.

No - we're not gardeners!

We're your creative partners offering technical solutions that help your business and projects to grow.

Pot Plant Productions

We are a technical & creative production company based in Melbourne. Whether you’re organising an event, exhibition, activation or need support to launch your podcast - we’ve got the tools and the experience to make it happen.

No matter the project, we’ve only got one goal - to see your ideas grow!

We'll focus on the technical stuff so you can do you

Some of the brands we've partnered with:

The team at Pot Plant Productions have an amazing ability to break down all things technical, communicating it in a simple to understand way.

- Steve Costa, Director: Joey Smalls, New Gurnica & Chuckle Park

super creative as well as being highly positive and encouraging of our endeavours – they are so skilled and detailed , they are always consistent with production deliverables even when we are not.  They know how to take on board the inevitable last minute changes and feedback that comes with this space , they make it look effortless.


- Amanda Henderson, Director: GLOSS CREATIVE

They are the epitome of the sort of professionals who walk the talk: you know that what you get is what’s been promised.

- Andrew Mitchell, Director: The Design Coach


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  • Unleashing Creativity: Filming in a White Room

    Unleashing Creativity: Filming in a White Room

    When it comes to filming, the setting plays a vital role in shaping the overall visual experience. While some may consider a white room to be bland or limiting, it actually presents a unique canvas for creative expression. 


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