Focus Groups

This Is A Studio is a multi-use creative space with a focus on technical production including live streaming,

New tech
No more two-way mirrors intimidating respondents! We have a live video viewing room with access to multiple camera angles and crystal-clear audio at the press of a button.

Live and recorded stimulus
Enjoy a close-up view of your stimulus in real time so you can see what the respondent sees. Eliminate confusion when exploring multiple nuanced executions of concepts.

Multiple camera angles
Means close ups of respondents facial expressions which allows better analysis and understanding of the "say do" gap when viewing from remote locations.

Customise your post group recording.
Embed company logos, view all camera angles at once, alongside stimulus or presentations so you can see what your participants see.

Work with a flexible team
We come from a production background so strange hours aren't so strange to us.

•T able setting for up to 8-12 participants
•3 x cameras for multi view recordings
• Flexible camera locations for group layouts
• Microphones for audio recording
• Projection onto white walls to display stimulus
• Access to tea, coffee & water
• High speed internet

• Flip Chart + Paper
• Whiteboard
• Catering

• Live view to all cameras in group room
• Live audio from group room Recordings of all Audio and Video
• Table setting for up to 5 viewers
• High speed internet

• Live Streaming
• Custom edits
(i.e view all camera angles at once or brand the final recording for your workflow/clients)
• Transcription/Subtitles

Looking for more than just studio hire?

We can offer a complete solution tailored to your needs. We’d love to discuss your project and bring it to life!

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