3 top tips for a Social Media Strategy During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to provide uncertainty, the retail sector has had to meet with the changing needs of their customers. From setting up an online store, to increasing your operations on social media, digital channels empower new ways to do business. Properly investing time and effort into digital and social channels will enable you to be noticed, and allow you to present more engaging product content to shoppers. With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to make sure all of your products come with good product information and great engaging content. Here’s our 3 top tips for a Social Media Strategy During COVID-19.


Try something new:

Think multiple social media images from various angles, 360 spins, engaging descriptions, a soundscape for your brand or one of the items in it’s own space and so on. Simply put, more engaging social media content that captures our attention in half the time.


Know your audience:

Find out what your target audience is experiencing in the pandemic. What are they thinking and feeling now? Do some social media polls, review other brands in your space on social channels, compare influencer content that targets similar users across social media, and put yourself in their seat.


Be prepared for anything:

Don’t freeze and let uncertainty stop you from showing up for your target audience and customers on social media. Seize any opportunity to meet them where they are digitally, provide them what they’re looking for, and solve problems for them. By preparing for anything, you’ll prepare for opportunities to connect with those who matter most online and offline.